Terms and Conditions


Coming to and utilizing FlixDaily falls under these terms of use.

  • All details or services that we think are relevant will be presented on the site, no matter the medium and will consist of videos, products, and applications that are available, not limited to affiliate websites. It is on us to make modifications, delete or permanently or temporarily suspend certain parts of the site or the whole site whenever we want with no notifications sent to the users.
  • It is not recommended for people that are not at least 13 years old to use the site. In case you belong to this category, refrain from utilizing the site and giving us any personal details.
  • There are no statements that the site or its content and services are available to users that are not in the United States. Therefore, visiting the site may be illegal in some countries or for certain people. So, you are fully responsible for all the consequences that may arise if you come to the site from somewhere outside the United States. All the local laws will apply in that case.


Financial services, investments, and similar services to those are not provided by FlixDaily. All details on the site are presented only for informational aims on the basis of “as is” and at the risk of the person using them. These details should not be taken as advice or utilized for any other purposes. FlixDaily holds no responsibilities regarding the quality, completeness, and legitimacy of the provided information nor does it answer for any possible mistakes or oversights. Every person is held accountable for the verification of the details concerning their appropriateness for personal usage. This includes, but it is not limited to asking a professional for advice concerning some questions that the user may have.

Modifications to the Terms of Use

It is on us to modify these terms whenever we see fit. That is why we encourage you to regularly come back to the site and check this page. All the modifications will show up on the page and become immediately effective. This means that if you go on utilizing the site and its services you fully commit yourself to follow these changes.

The Site’s Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of the site consists of more detailed information connected to the way your details are gathered, utilized and presented on the site. You can read it on the respective page.

Intellectual Possessions

All materials presented on the site, without limitation to software, text, graphics, photos, artwork, music, video, sound, as well as names, logos and other marks exclusively belong to FlixDaily. They are protected by trademark and copyright laws. So, such materials can only be utilized for personal purposes that are not commercial. You accept that you should not in any case change, update, reproduce, distribute, sell or broadcast them without having obtained a legal permission from FlixDaily. The site provides a personal, non-transferable, non-exclusive license that verifies your usage of the site and all published content for purposes that are not commercial or anyhow violate these terms.

Regarding the logos and trademarks, FlixDaily retains possession of all of them. This includes trademarks, other marks, logos, connected names of products and services as well as slogans and designs. You are not allowed to utilize them without permission from the site. The other names, logos, designs, marks, and slogans posted on the site belong to their owners.

Dependence on the Details Posted on the Site

Reviewing content that is published on the site such as contributions by users or independent contributors is not our obligation and you should not expect us to do that.

Our Contributors

FlixDaily looks for people that can publish content on certain topics. However, the site does not guarantee for or represent the contributors regarding their knowledge, education, or qualifications connected to the topic they are contributing in. Since we do not review the details they provide, we are completely dependent on them and do not try to confirm the information nor their credentials. The contributors, though, are not employees of Flix Expo, so the site can not and does not guarantee for the truthfulness, fullness, and legitimacy of the qualifications of the contributors nor of the other site’s users.

We ask you to refrain from relying on the site’s content, including the one from our contributors. All details are posted for the purposes of general information. Therefore, they can never take into consideration your special preferences and needs. You accept and agree that it will be at your own risk to depend on or act against this agreement.Also, you accept that all information you provide and exchange on the site does not fall under any obligation for confidentiality or privilege.

Forbidden Utilization’s of the Site

You have permission to utilize the site only in accordance with the law and these terms. So, you accept to not utilize the site and its services:

  • For unlawful purposes.
  • For transmitting, sending, advertising or promoting any material.
  • In a way that harms or restricts the enjoyment of a certain user.
  • For impersonating or trying to impersonate FlixDaily, its employees, other users, people or entities.

Moreover, you are prohibited from:

  • Disaggregating and wiping away details from the pages;
  • Sending or uploading any malware and viruses as well as other content that is dangerous and harmful;
  • Trying to get access that is unauthorized, interfering with or damaging the site’s parts, its server or any other database related to the site;
  • In any other way meddling with the site’s operations.

Site Content Uploaded by You

It is possible that this website features forums, boards for sharing messages, chats and other similar interactive options through which users can publish, upload, or submit content to the site. In case you share some personal details by your own will such as a username or email address in the forum or the other interactive boards, those details can be seen in the search engines and gathered by other users. They can be even given to third parties, who may attempt to contact you. For this reason, you are advised not to post any personal information on the pages.

You agree and guarantee that:

  • Everything that you post will be in accordance with these terms
  • You are the owner of the rights to the content that you publish

Also, you acknowledge that you hold all the responsibility regarding the published information. We are not in any way connected to it and can not warrant legitimacy or correctness.

Observing and Execution; Terminating the Agreement

It is our right to:

  • Decide which contributions to accept and publish and which to remove or delete from the site at our utmost discretion.
  • If necessary, act in case a contribution violates these terms of use is against any intellectual possessions right, endangers the users’ safety or can create certain complications for the website.
  • Share your details or your identity with third parties that state that the content you published infringes their copyrights, privacy rights or possessions rights.
  • Act against any unlawful or unauthorized utilization of the site.
  • Suspend or remove your access to the whole site or parts of it.

We attain the right to cooperate with law authorities or courts in case they ask for the identity of a certain user that posts on our site. Therefore, you will not hold us responsible for any claims or investigations as well as actions taken by law authorities.

Since we do not and are not able to review all the content before it is published on the site, we cannot ensure that material will be deleted after it is published.

Standards of the Content

All users and contributors are obliged to respect these standards. All the contributions made by users should be completely in accordance with the laws and regulations. Therefore, they must not:

  • Include any offensive, violent, indecent, inaccurate, inflammatory, explicit or in any way disturbing content.
  • Violate any copyright, trademark, or other intellectual possession or right. The legal rights must not be broken, either. They include privacy and publicity rights.
  • Deceive the other users.
  • Encourage illegal acts or activities.
  • Be the reason for users’ anxiety, inconvenience, harassment, annoyance or embarrassment.
  • Act like another person.
  • The sale or promote any activities that are commercial and connected to advertising.

Indemnifying Us

You accept to defend and indemnify FlixDaily and its staff from costs or liability like attorneys’ fees related to any claims concerning possible breaches of these terms of use or any of the warranties and representations included in the terms. Your cooperation and defense of such claims should be guaranteed.


FlixDaily operates under the ‘as is’ basis with no expressed or implied warranties except those that can not be excluded, restricted or modified under these terms’ laws. We do not hold any responsibility for the trustworthiness and legitimacy of the statements, thoughts, opinions, and advice provided on the site. This information does not represent professional advice.

Disclaimer of Liability

When you utilize the site, you do so at your risk. FlixDaily does not have any liability and responsibilities regarding losses or accidental, direct, indirect, special, or other such damages that may appear as a result of your usage of the site and its information as well as of a taken action connected to the site. Hereby, you waive all such statements against Flix Expo that appear due to your utilization of the site and the available information on it.

Links of Third Parties, Advertisements, and Content

Reviewing and controlling the advertisements, content, or similar media on the site is not our responsibility. So, before taking any action you are advised the check the source and verify the accuracy and quality of the product or service. FlixDaily, therefore, does not have any liability concerning the possible purchases of what third parties offer and we will not accept any complaints about that.


Disputes connected to the site and these terms are controlled by and enforced according to the laws of the United States. In case disputes like this appear, you assent to the US jurisdiction and courts.

Waiving and Severability

All waivers of the terms and conditions by FlixDaily will not be considered as ongoing waivers of the terms and conditions and if FlixDaily possibly fails to assert a provision or right under the terms of use, that will not be deemed a waiver.

In case a certain provision is marked as invalid or unlawful, it will be eliminated whereas the other provisions that remain in the terms will continue operating in full force.

The Whole Agreement

The whole agreement between you and FlixDaily is the basis of these terms of use. It fully respects the site and is above all the other past and recent warranties, guarantees, agreements and understandings that are both oral and written.


All the infringements connected to the copyright is dealt with according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Content and details that belong to third parties can not be posted or uploaded unless you are the owner of the legal right that grants you that. If you think that the work you have copyrights on is anyhow taken advantage of we encourage you to contact us.

In the statement for copyright infringement include:

  • The copyrighted work that has supposedly been infringed.
  • Your signature.
  • The location where the content has been re-uploaded unlawfully such as the link to a certain website or copies that you have of the content.
  • Your contact details like your name, email address, or phone number.
  • A statement that your content has been infringed.

Note that in case you are wrong that material on the site is infringing your copyrighted work, you may be considered liable.

FlixDaily‘s policy states that it is the site’s right to delete any users’ accounts that publish infringing content all the time.

Thank you for using FlixDaily!