The thrilling adventures of the iconic Los Angeles County Lifeguards as they patrol the beautiful beaches of Southern California.

First Air DateApril 23rd, 1989
Last Air DateMay 14th, 2001
GenresAction & Adventure, Drama
NetworksNBC, Syndication
Production CompaniesTower 18 Productions, GTG Entertainment, Pearson All-American Television, The Baywatch Company, Tower 12 Productions
ProducerDavid Hasselhoff
Executive ProducerGregory J. Bonann
Number of Seasons11 Seasons
Number of Episodes242 Episodes
Plot Keywordsbeach, los angeles, california, lifeguard
Michael Bergin
Michael Bergin
J.D. Darius
Krista Allen
Krista Allen
Jenna Avid
Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa
Jason Ioane
Jason Brooks
Jason Brooks
Sean Monroe
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